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Best Food Which Can Boost Your Immunity

Best food which can boost your immunity- We should think about this topic on prior basis because this pandemic situation has taught us so many things. Most importantly is taking care of our health is the precious and the only one thing we should take care of. Immune system is nothing but complex structure of cells and proteins that defends the body against infection.

Vitamins To Improve Your Immunity

There are 4 types of vitamins which help you to improve your immune system.

Vitamin A

This vitamin is known as good for maintaining vision power and also anti-inflammation vitamin. In the development of the immune system vitamin A plays an important role, fights against infection and illness.

Vitamin D

Most important nutrient for immune system health and also one of the building block of strong bones. In current situation there is no specific cure for covid-19 but some studies research shows that having vitamin D can help to enhance the function of immune cells.

Vitamin E

To keep our skin and hair healthy vitamin E is important but do you know its act as an antioxidant and support your immune system? Yes it’s true. Prevent infections and fight against illness vitamin E is a necessary tool for growth of cell.

Vitamin C

Our body cannot produce or restore vitamin c. We supposed to consume it regularly in sufficient amount. It is a water soluble vitamin, important content of immune function. As being potent antioxidant nutrient it makes an impact on skin health and immune system. It is a one of the foods that increase white blood cells.

There are certain methods to improve your immunity, Eat fresh food as well as include variety of foods in your diet and that’s why we have listed down foods that helps to strengthen immune system.

Immunity Boosting Foods


Made up of vitamin and minerals such as vitamin A,D,E, zinc and selenium. It is one of the richest source of protein. You can use boiled eggs as salad toppings.

Milk & Yoghurt

Probiotic bacteria present in yoghurt can improve immunity. Milk has fat soluble Vitamin A. It prevents you from osteoporosis and help you to maintain weight. By adding your favorite fruits you can try smoothies and milkshakes.


It contains antioxidant property as well as iron and calcium. Consuming spinach can increase level of immunity. Vitamin A included spinach can improve your eyesight.


Mushrooms have the unique ability with the help of UV-light or sun exposures they can increase amount of vitamin D. Naturally, mushrooms produce vitamin D. It has special and helpful nutrients which are helpful for immune enhancement.

Salmon Fish

Salmon fish is the popular fish and best source of vitamin D. Along with vitamin it has omega 3 fatty acid- helpful for heart and brain. Eat fish 2-3 times in a week as per FDA. Steamed fish is more beneficial as compare to fried one.


This vegetable is infused with all kinds of vitamins A, K, and E. It has antioxidant properties too. Make delicious dishes of broccoli- tossing in butter and olive oil and your salad is ready.

Nuts (Almond and Peanuts)

Almonds are excellent source of vitamin E as well as it provides zinc, vitamin B which helps us to improve our immune power.


This fruit is not just popular by its beautiful color and texture but also because of their benefits. Studies have shown that strawberries include high antioxidant content and mixer of vitamin C, manganese and beneficial antioxidants. Try strawberry smoothies, shake or have some in breakfast as well as in snack time.


Its tangy and sweet taste can change your body health. It lowers the cholesterol and improves your immunity. Being as richest source of vitamin C it may help to reduce oxidative stress. It is benefited blood circulation.


Lemon juice is the favorite flavor to add in food. It is one of the best instant solution for acidity. It is the richest source of vitamin C and has number of benefits. Vitamin C help to prevent diseases and boost wellbeing. People who are undergoing extreme physical activity- vitamin C help to boost and strengthen immunity.

After reading this you must be thinking if I eat most of these food at a time then I’ll protect myself from COVID-19? Answer is big no. Key aspects of these foods can keep your immune system at great level.

Try to make several changes today to have Strengthen Immune system tomorrow.

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