breast changes during pregnancy

Breast Changes During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey. It is one of the life-changing moments for women. It brings more happiness and wonderful memories. Pregnancy changes the body structure of women. Physically and mentally women face different changes. Most importantly breast changes during pregnancy at every trimester.

Breast pain comes in different and many varieties. Sometimes it happens in one or both breasts when you move your hand inward, outward into your armpit, or in a particular spot. Generally, that pain might be constant.

You might feel is it fibrocystic breast disease? No. Breast swelling, getting pain in the breast area, lumps in the breasts are the same symptoms of fibrocystic breast disease. Breast changes in pregnancy show the same symptoms as we have mentioned above. At that time you need to take help from your gynecologist.

Breast changes in early pregnancy and they become sore and painful. You might face your boobs are swollen or heavy. Area nearby boobs can be sensitive at this point. For most women, particularly nipples become very sensitive these days. They can be delicate and it hurts, generally after taking bath. In the first trimester, you will notice your boobs are heavy or very delicate. Few women also experience itching in the nipples or areoles.

Breast pain is the known first symptom of pregnancy. Sore boobs reach a peak level in the 1st trimester because the level of hormone imbalance is high.

Breast Lump Meaning?

A lump is nothing but the growth of the tissues in your breast. Most of the time, it is the first sign of breast cancer. Some of them are asymptomatic and sometimes it would be a painful lump in the breast. Having a lump in the breast is common until and unless it starts hurting you.

Is it a sign of PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome)?

Most symptoms of pregnancy are related to PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome). During periods, you might have heavy and tender breasts. It is a symptom of PMS. You will face ache in boobs and with early stage of pregnancy symptoms created by hormones- Progesterone and estrogen

The level of hormones encourages breast duct growth and helps to create prolactin. It is another hormone that is responsible for breast enlargement and production of the milk. Estrogen and progesterone level decreases after delivery and prolactin level increases to allow lactation.

1st Trimester

It is the initial stage of pregnancy. For the development of the growing fetus, your body starts increasing blood volume. When it happens, veins present on breasts start looking larger or more visible. You will see your breast size increase. You will start experiencing your breast become tender and this symptom disappears within few days of pregnancy because your body adjusts as per the hormonal changes.

In pregnancy nipple changes -they become more sensitive and the area of the areola becomes darker. Some small bumps start appearing which are painless and they help in breastfeeding

2nd Trimester

During this 2nd trimester, the level of estrogen is high. Because of boob growth during pregnancy, there may be chances that you need an extra size bra. A comfortable bra will give you peace for sure! pregnancy At the same time your breast producing colostrum. It is the first composition of breast milk. Most of the women are not aware that their body is about to start creating colostrum or you may notice leakage at nipples. Areola breast changes during pregnancy are another most common symptom.

3rd Trimester

At this stage, as your body is getting ready to give birth, the breast’s size increases and it became more tight and heavy. You may notice areola becoming even darker and some changes in nipple color during pregnancy. There are chances to develop stretch marks on your breasts as it’s becoming big in size. Use a good moisturizer to avoid dryness. You might get skin rashes which leads to itching. According to your skin type applies moisturizer soothes your skin.

Process of Producing Milk

After giving birth, your breasts continue to make colostrum. This colostrum is full of nutrition. It’s very dense, thick, and might be sticky.

Choosing Right Bra

This doesn’t matter what your breast size is? Your breast grows and changes continue during pregnancy and at the time when you start breastfeeding.

As we all know women are smart when it comes to shopping!

You will need extra size clothes, dresses and most importantly bras. Opt for bras that adjust easily, are easy to use, give support and comfort. These are the most important elements when you choose pregnancy bras. Girls and women hate to wear bras while sleeping but in pregnancy, you might notice that sleeping with the bra is more convenient than sleeping without one. You will get varieties and styles of pregnant bras, which provide- pure fabric and are lightweight.

  • Choose comfortable material like cotton, which is soft.
  • Underwired bras may be not good option. It gives you feeling which is intolerable because of your sensitive breast.

Breasts After Pregnancy

Pregnancy makes a huge impact on your breasts. It will be the same size even after delivery. Your breasts will continue to give you the feeling of overfull. Your nipples will not be able to come in their original size because there are many factors that affect the nipple’s size and shape. They become light as you stop breastfeeding.

Whether it is your first pregnancy or second, you may have a different experience. You might see new symptoms in this pregnancy which you didn’t notice in the previous one. Breast changes will be very different than the previous pregnancy. Don’t worry about the journey, open up and talk to your consultant or gynecologist. Symptoms at 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimesters might vary. Don’t stress out, make time for yourself. 

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