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Diet For Breastfeeding Mother

Breastfeeding mother plays an vital role in her baby’s life. As being a breastfeeding mother. it’s important to be concerned about what she eats. Breast milk is nutritious and gives the required nutrients to the baby. It also contains antibodies that help to fight against bacteria and viruses. Therefore, it is more important to include healthy food in the diet for breastfeeding moms.

All the women get curious when it comes to eating food. Do they think what if the food we eat is going to affect the baby? Some food items might be allergic to babies. So you need to stop those particular foods. But for the right amount of milk, moms need to choose the right food to eat.

We have listed down some foods which every breastfeeding mother includes in her daily diet. One by one will figure out every concern and will start from -how much to eat?

How Much To Eat?

For newborn baby, breast milk is a very essential source for 6 months. You have to increase your nutrition intake to meet the requirements of your baby. You are supposed to add extra good calories to your diet.

Post-delivery, there are chances of women still having baby weight. But don’t worry and don’t get panic. Your body is going to use this weight for breast milk. On the other hand, few women don’t have baby weight even post-delivery. It requires 500-600 Cal per day for them.

Foods To Increase Breast Milk

When you start breastfeeding, your need for nutrients goes on a higher level. Because you are going to fulfill your as well as baby’s need. When you eat a particular food, nutrients present in food helps to produce more breast milk. What to eat while breastfeeding to increase baby weight? Specific food items are really helpful to increase the production of milk which leads to a baby’s healthy weight. example- Dark green leafy vegetables(Broccoli, Spinach), Fennel seeds, Garlic, Nuts, and Oats.

Diet For Breastfeeding Mothers to Increase Milk

Calcium– Good sources of calcium are cheese, yogurt, chia seeds. Calcium is important for bones and hair health. It helps to improve the baby’s health.

Vitamin D– Normally mushroom is not included in lactogenic food but specific mushroom is good for producing breast milk. Mushrooms are a rich source of vitamin d. To absorb calcium in the body, vitamin d helps. It helps the mom and her child to keep healthy bones.

Vitamin C– Citrus food such as oranges, tomatoes, kiwi, and strawberries includes vitamin c as well as antioxidant properties. It helps to improve the immune system.

Dry fruits & Seeds– Handful dry fruits can fill your nutrition gap.  Almonds, Cashews, and Figs are the best source of energy. Oats, Porridge, Salads, and Smoothies, you can add your favorite nuts in any above dish and make your snack healthy.

Flaxseeds-It is an excellent source of protein, omega 3 fatty acid, and fiber. It tastes sweet and makes smoothies and veggies delicious. It helps to control blood sugar and reduces inflammation.

Protein– Eggs, fish, pulses and lean meat includes proteins. You need protein on daily basis.

Dairy products– Most women do not like to drink even half a glass of milk. It may happen post-delivery, some women experience changes in taste and smell. They might hesitate to drink milk. Talk to your health professional if you don’t want to include milk in your diet. You can opt for yoghurt (Dahi).

Fruits & Vegetables– You should avoid packaged food and vegetables. Try to eat fresh. Different food colors contain different nutrition i.e. green color- eat veggies, orange color- eat citrus food, etc.

Avocado- It has different tastes and it is full of nutrition. It is absolutely safe for breastfeeding women and they should include this fruit in their diet. There are number of health benefits of avocado which is helpful for newborn baby.

Avocado contains monounsaturated fats which are healthy in nature. After consuming this fruit, it provides healthy fats to the baby and it helps to absorb fat-soluble vitamins. It plays an important role in the neurological development of the child.

Fiber & Starchy Food– You can include whole grain or multigrain like Suji (Semolina), Pasta, Wheat as these foods contain vitamin b and it is a good source of fiber. And starchy foods like rice and potatoes. Fibrous food can help to ease your digestion.

Juices & Fluids– Coconut water works amazingly during breastfeeding. It keeps your body hydrated and energized, you can opt for fruit juices, buttermilk.

Food To Avoid While Breastfeeding

Coffee- Consuming coffee or caffeinated food is not harmful to the baby but it might affect the sleep of the newborn child. However, if your baby isn’t sleeping then you need to limit the intake of coffee.

Alcohol– If you are an alcoholic & if you consume alcohol before breastfeeding then you need to wait for some time. Alcohol makes its place in milk and it takes few hours to clear alcohol units in the body.

Hot & Spicy- Women who love spicy taste need to limit their intake of that food. Because it may be lead to the upset tummy of a newborn baby. Hot and spicy food creates a high amount of heat and it might change the taste of milk.

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