Foods Women Should Eat During Period

Foods Women Should Eat & Avoid During Period

Period can cause severe pain and discomfort for many women. What we eat can also make an impact. Cramps and other symptoms hurt which includes-

  • Indigestion
  • Heavy Breast
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Bloating
  • Mood swings

That’s why we feel uncomfortable. Girls & Women should take care of themselves and maintain hygiene in these days. By adding certain food in your diet can lower the pain and help you to feel better.

Foods Women Should Eat During Period

There are some following foods which women should eat during period


As being a richest source of protein and Iron, you should add chicken in your diet. This will help you stay full for long time.


Omega 3 fatty acid helps to reduce cramp, period pain. Women, who add up omega 3 fatty acid in their diet, did not have that much pain as compared to other women. Those who face frequent mood swings and depression, omega 3 fatty acid is helpful for them.

Dark Chocolate

Girl’s loves chocolates and this is the best option to relieve your pain. It is the rich source of magnesium and iron. Magnesium found in dark chocolate can help to lower the pain of PMS (Premenstrual syndrome).


Some women face vaginal yeast infection during period. It causes itching and your skin becomes very sensitive. To avoid this infection yoghurt can help. “Probiotic yoghurt helps  you to fight infection.


Fruits like cucumber, watermelon are water-rich. Eat this kind of food which will help you to stay hydrated. During periods craving for sugar gets high. Sweet fruits can curb the sugar craving.

Dairy Products

Consuming too much cheese and other dairy products will not cure period cramps. But calcium present in it can cure the menstrual pain. During period muscle cells should work properly that’s why you can have a glass of milk or other dairy products in limit.

Leafy Vegetables

Losing iron is the possibility during period and if menstrual flow is heavy then you might face issues like tiredness, fatigue and body pain. Spinach is a good source of iron. Yes it’s true some people don’t like to eat spinach because of its taste and smell. Try to make interesting recipes and have spinach in different style.


Most of the nuts contain omega 3 fatty acid and protein rich source. They also contain different types of vitamins. If you are not fond of eating nuts, make smoothies and milkshakes.


There are chances of getting dehydration headache and feeling of dizziness during period. Drink plenty of water and keep your body hydrated and reduce chances of bloating.

Foods Women Should Avoid During Period

Generally all food is good to eat but you need to avoid few of them which affect your menstrual pain.


Eating too much sugar or sugary foods can worsen the period pain. You might face mood swings, depression.


Excess amount of salt can lead to bloating. Avoid processed food as it contains high amount of salt.


Coffee can incite headaches. It might cause digestive issues. But don’t cut out coffee completely if you are having it daily. Try to reduce intake.

Spicy food

Some people are fan of spicy foods but eating those during periods can upset your stomach. Because it creates more heat in your stomach and you will face difficulty in digestion.

Eat calcium rich, Iron, omega 3 fatty acid and protein infused food to relieve the pain during period.

Periods are not easy but choosing right food to eat can ease your pain.

Bottom line is every girl and women can help themselves to get rid from the menstrual pain.

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