health problem during pregnancy

Health Problem During Pregnancy

Health problems during pregnancy happen at each stage. They may include the health of the mother, the health of the infant or both. Some women have health issues that occur pregnancy problems in the third trimester during pregnancy while others have health problems that may lead to difficulties before they become pregnant. The risk of pregnancy problems is extremely significant to women who get health care before and throughout pregnancy. So try to take early precautions during pregnancy and throughout.

Problem Before & During Pregnancy 

Before Pregnancy

Speak to your doctor about your currently pregnancy related problems or in the past. You may wish to alter the way your health issue is being handled if you get therapy for a health problem. For instance some medications for the treatment of pregnancy related problems may be hazardous if used during pregnancy. At the same time, quitting the medications you require may be more harmer than if you were pregnant. Also, make sure you talk about any difficulties you have experienced throughout pregnancy. If your health is under control and you get excellent prenatal care you will probably have a healthy kid.

During Pregnancy

Major pregnancy related problems may vary from minor and bothersome pain to serious diseases which can be occasionally life-threatening. Sometimes it may be hard for a woman to distinguish between normal and unnatural symptoms. Pregnancy-related problems may include physical and emotional issues that influence the mother’s or baby’s health. These pregnancy-related problems may be caused or exacerbated by pregnancy. Many of the issues are minor and progresses not but they may damage the woman or her baby if they do. Keep in mind that throughout pregnancy there are methods to control difficulties. If you have any concerns throughout your pregnancy always contact your prenatal care provider.

Typical Maternity or Women’s Health Problems


Anemia has less than the usual amount of healthy red blood cells. Treating the anemic underlying cause will assist to restore the amount of healthy red blood cells. Women with anemia associated with pregnancy may feel weary and weak. This may be improved by taking doses of iron and folic acid. During the pregnancy your health care practitioner will monitor your levels of iron.

Urinary Tract External icon (UTI) A UTI is a bacterial urinary tract infection. If you have a UTI, there may be pain or burning while using the toilet.

There are other major pregnancy related problems-

  • Fever, fatigue, or shakiness.
  • A desire to frequently use the restroom.
  • Pressure in your bottom abdomen.
  • Urine smelling unpleasant or hazy or reddish-looking.
  • Nausea or discomfort in the back.
  • Food not digesting during early pregnancy.

It is essential to visit your health care physician if you believe you have a UTI. You can determine whether you have a UTI by testing a urine sample. Antibiotics treatment to kill the infection will improve it typically in a day or two. Always visit to doctor to avoid pregnancy related problems and especially at pregnancy problems in the third trimester some women carry germs without symptoms in their bladder. Frequent urination during pregnancy is one of the common symptom. Your healthcare practitioner will probably check your urine early in your pregnancy and if required treat you with antibiotics.

Mental Health Concerns During Pregnancy

Some women suffer depression during or after pregnancy. Depression symptoms are low or gloomy moods.

  • Loss of interest in entertainment.
  • Appetite, sleep, and energy changes.
  • Problems of thinking, focusing, and decision-making.
  • Breathing problem during pregnancy.
  • Feelings of insignificance, humiliation or remorse.
  • Life is not worth living, thoughts.

If several of these symptoms and pregnancy related problems occur together and persist more than one week or two at a time, depression is likely. During pregnancy, depression may make it difficult for a woman to look for herself and her unborn child. Depression is also a risk factor for postpartum depression before pregnancy. For both mother and infant therapy is essential. If you have a history of depression it is essential to talk to your health care practitioner early in your pregnancy in order to establish a treatment plan.

High Blood Pressure Concerns During Pregnancy

Chronic poorly managed high blood pressure before and throughout pregnancy puts a pregnant mother and baby at risk. Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) the risk of maternal problems, including preeclampsia external icons, placental abruption (when the placenta splits the uterine wall), and gestational diabetes is increased. These women are also at greater risk of poor birth outcomes such as preterm birth a child of a young age and infant mortality.

The most essential thing to do is address your blood pressure issues with your doctor before you get pregnant and ensure that your blood pressure is properly treated and controlled before your pregnancy. High blood pressure therapy is essential before, during, and after pregnancy.

Diabetes Concerns During Pregnancy 

During pregnancy learn about forms of diabetes the proportion of women afflicted and what the CDC (Centers for Disease Control)  does to address this critical health issue. Diabetes management may assist women with good pregnancies and healthy infants. It is also one of the major pregnancy related problems.

Complications During Pregnancy


During pregnancy, learn about forms of diabetes the proportion of women afflicted and what the CDC does to address this critical health issue. Diabetes management may assist women with good pregnancies and healthy infants. It is also one of the major pregnancy related problems.

Obesity and Weight Gain

The more severe a woman is the higher her chance of pregnancy related problems including pre-eclampsia, GDM, death, and c-sacrifice, before she gets pregnant. CDC study has shown showed obesity is linked to higher use of healthcare and medical services during pregnancy  and prolonged hospitalization for delivery. It is also one of the major pregnancy related problems. Overweight and obese women who reduce weight are likely to have better pregnancies before they are pregnant. Learn more about how your weight may be reached and maintained before you get pregnant.


Your baby is shielded against many diseases, such as the common cold or a stomach virus that passes during pregnancy. But you, your baby, or both may be hazardous to certain illnesses. Easy measures including washing hands and avoiding specific foods, may help prevent illnesses. If you have an infection, you won’t always know—sometimes you don’t even feel ill. See your health care provider if you feel you may have an infection or if you believe you are at risk. Take care of in early stage of pregnancy problems in third trimester

HIV, viral hepatitis, STDs, and TB

HIV, viral hepatitis, STDs and TB infections are the major pregnancy related problems which may complicate pregnancy and have severe effects on a mother and a child. Screening and treatment of such diseases and viral vaccines such as hepatitis B and human papillomavirus may avoid many adverse results.

Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Many women experience mild nausea, vomiting, or “morning sickness, food not digesting during early pregnancy especially in the first 3 months or pregnancy problems in third trimester of pregnancy. The reason for nausea and vomiting during pregnancy is thought to be a rapidly increasing blood concentration of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), the hormone produced via the placenta. However, hyperemesis gravidarum occurs when severe, persistent nausea and vomiting persists throughout pregnancies—which is more extreme than “morning sickness.”


While various diseases may vary, one common thread is noticed: regular prenatal care (despite prejudice) is essential. Women are urged to come here for a preconception to discuss what they can do to minimize their chances. The greatest you can do for your kid is to be healthy before pregnancy. For more information and help consult a doctor.

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