How do I Use Tampons, Sanitary Pads, Menstrual Cup and Period Innerwear?


Periods come along with heavy bleeding, mood swings and stomach-ache. Most of the women experience these symptoms and some don’t. It is because of genes or diet which they are following. Maintaining hygiene during the period is important. You will get many options in the market i.e. Tampons, Sanitary pads, Menstrual Cups & Period Innerwear. But there are few girls and women who don’t have any idea about these products.

Here we have mentioned benefits and uses of products which you can use during your period.

What Are Tampons?

This is unique hygiene product for women. Specially designed and safe to use during menstrual period. You need to insert this in your vagina with the help of your finger or you can use the applicator.

FDA cleared tampons you can use it only one time and then you can throw away. You should not use it more than once.

Tampons Made Out Of

They are made of rayon, cotton or mixer of both of them. Tampons which are available in the market today are free from elemental chlorine. It prevents tampons from getting damaged by any environmental element.

Safety Tips

  • Follow instruction to learn how to use tampons.
  • Always wash your hands before opening the seal pack and after using it again wash your hands. It will reduce the chances of bacteria.
  • Use tampons only when you have period.

What Is Menstrual Cup?

It is another women hygiene product and is reusable. Fennel shaped menstrual cup is made up of rubber or silicon because you can easily insert this into your vagina during period. It has the capacity to hold blood and collect. A menstrual cup is alternative option to other products i.e. tampons. You can use this product for up to 12 hours.

How To Use Menstrual Cup

You will get variety of menstrual cup in different sizes as well as brands. Kindly contact your gynecologist if you are interested to use this product. You can easily figure out which right size menstrual cup is for you on the basis of below mention points-

  • The capacity of the cup
  • Heavy or light menstrual flow
  • Size of your cervix
  • Health condition of your pelvic floor muscles

Younger Women who have not given birth vaginally can use small size menstrual cup. Large size menstrual cup are for those women who are above 30 and have given birth or have heavy blood flow.

Wash Your Hands

Rim of the cup should be greasy as it becomes easy to insert inside. Opt for a water-base lube menstrual cup.

Just like tampons, insert cup inside your vagina, it should be below your cervix.

If you are not comfortable with the cup and not able to do everyday activities then kindly talk to your gynaecologist. You can us a menstrual cup up to 12 hrs. After 12 hrs. You should remove it to avoid leakages.

Advantages of Using Menstrual Cup-

  • They are affordable
  • Eco-friendly
  • As compare to pads & tampons it holds more blood

What Are Sanitary Pads?

They are convenient to use. Good quality pads are the safest and it prevents leakages and getting stains on your valuable clothes. It is made up of absorbent material that helps to hold blood during periods. You should use sanitary pads only one time and not more than once. These are disposal pads. Also, you will see cloth pads are available in the market which is reusable. Even if you have heavy bleeding, don’t worry. Sanitary pads are best to use.

Advantages of Using Sanitary Pads

  • When it comes to hygiene you can throw away pads after using. Some women still use cloth pads. It’s very difficult to maintain hygiene by washing and drying the cloth. You can save your time by using pads.
  • Variety of sizes and styles, different absorption level sanitary pads gives you calmness without thinking of leakage.
  • It prevents any kind of vaginal infection because when women use cloth pads, it needs proper hygiene. If it’s not washed properly you might get vaginal infection and different harmful diseases. If you do not maintain hygiene, you will get bacterial infection.
  • During periods there are high chances of getting urine infection. You can stay away from these kinds of risks.
  • Sanitary pads have their own fragrance which helps you to get rid of bad odour.

You can use sanitary pad up to 5-6 hrs. After that you supposed to change pad to avoid leakage.

What is Menstrual Period Innerwear?

It looks like regular underwear. It is made up of microfiber polyester that absorbs blood and lock moisture during periods. It prevents leaking.

Instead of sanitary pads and tampons you can use wear this innerwear.

Advantages of Period Innerwear

  • One woman throughout her life used around 5 to 10,000 tampons and periods. This product is better to use
  • It is more affordable and convenient to use. Instead of spending money on sanitary pads and tampons you can opt for period innerwear which lasts for 2-3 yrs.
  • It happens with many girls and women that their period has started and they don’t know about it. But if you are wearing this innerwear, you don’t need to think about getting stains on clothes or feeling awkward.

Still if you have any queries or doubts about how to use these hygiene products, kindly contact your gynaecologist and ask them. This is the time where we need to change.

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