How to gain weight ?

How to gain weight ?

Weight gain is the most important thing to accomplish. People who are overweight and underweight have different type of mentality and views about their weight. Obesity is known as a one of the lifestyle disease. To become fat people try varieties of diet, exercises and many things. Not only gaining weight is good but gaining healthy weight is. There are number of people who are not having proper nutrition and it affects women than men.

If you searching blogs and post about how to gain weight? Add variety of foods in your diet which includes protein, vitamin & minerals, dairy products, good fats, fruits and vegetables. Sugary and salty food will leave you bloated. If you are consuming these kinds of foods on daily basis you might develop risk of cardio vascular disease.

You will get list of steps including diet, physical activities to gain weight in a week. Rate of body metabolism can affects by excess weight gain.

Ways To Gain Weight At Home


Healthy breakfast can give instant energy and it helps you to keep your stomach full till your next meal. You will develop habit of eating healthy food if you eat healthy breakfast. Egg omelet with favorite veggies, smoothies, milkshakes and cottage cheese.

Eat After Every Three Hours

If you don’t have food for a long time, you will have more cravings for next meal. You will feel to add more toppings or add unhealthy snacks to lunch or dinner. Do not crave and eat according to your fixed time.

Eat Protein

To build and maintain muscles your body needs protein. As per your body weight you need that much amount of protein in gm. Let’s see- If your body weight is 50 kg. You will need 50gm of protein per day. The simple way to fulfill your requirement of protein is to add protein source in every meal you have.

Dairy Products

Milk– It is well known option for muscle builder because it has whey and casein. It contains not only calcium but also protein, vitamins and minerals, fats and carbs. In the morning and before going to bed, have a one glass of milk it has 149 calories.

Greek Yoghurt– It is a combination of more calories and less amount of sugar. As compare to regular yoghurt it has high protein.


Chicken– It has low calories but good way for non-vegetarians to gain weight. It has high amount of protein.

Eggs– Yolk is the rich source of protein.

Whey Protein– People who tend to workout daily need more protein. Post workout whey protein shake is best option

Eat Good and Healthy Fats

Healthy fats help to improve fat loss. Avoid fast and junk food, those are bad fats. Starches boost growth of the muscles and weight gain. It helps to add more calories in your diet.

Starchy Food– Whole grain breads, cereals, potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn and beans.

Fish -Tuna and mackerel. salmon fish contain 450gm calories and a good fat. This will be the correct option for weigh gain.

Pasta– Try whole grain pasta. It is infused with carbohydrates.

Cereals bar– It is one of the most convenient way to have vitamins and minerals. It contains whole grain, fruits and dry fruits.

Nuts and Nut Butter-When you thought about how to increase weight? having nuts in snack time can help a person to gain weight in a healthy way. You can add nuts in smoothies, salads and in many things. Raw nuts contain more benefits. Nut butter is also a good option to have in breakfast or snack.

Avocado– This fruit includes rich fat and calories. Also it has vitamins and minerals.

Exercises To Weight Gain

Most of the time we have heard that to lose weight, people should does exercise but it also helps to gain weight. Regular exercise is the easiest way to bulk up your body. Here are few exercises you can start doing it right away and get your body in shape as you want.

Push Ups

  • Lie down on your stomach. Keep your hand on ground with straight palm.
  • Slowly start to push your body upside until your body comes in straight line.
  • Then lower your body down until your face touches the ground.
  • Repeat this for few times and according to your convenience.


  • It helps to build healthy muscles in your butt area.
  • Stand straight and keep distance in your feet.
  • Lower your body and be in a position as if you are going to sit down.
  • Upper body should be in still position.
  • Get back to your initial position.


  • You can tone your leg muscles by lunges.
  • Stand straight. Put your one leg forward and try to kneeling until your knees at 90 degree angle. Stretch your body as much as possible.
  • Push back on your heel. Go back to your initial position.
  • Repeat this exercise for another leg.

After following these steps there is one more work you should do is tracking. Track whatever food you eat to count the calories intake. It will help you to get know more about how much calories you need to consume or not. You will not get result in a one day or weeks. Gaining weight is a journey. Have patience.

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