how to stay fit and healthy

How to Stay Fit & Healthy

We never tried to find out “What exactly being healthy means?” Eating fresh food is not only the perfect way to be healthy and fit. Yes it’s true that it’s not easy to stay fit and healthy and if it is then people would live much longer and would not affect by any diseases. But it does not mean that it can’t be done.

Stay Fit and Healthy At Home

If you want to get back on track look and understand these following steps

Healthy Sleeping Routine

In jobs and businesses we know the competitions are very tough. Scheduling meeting, conducting presentations, deadlines as well as house wife or the ladies who are doing household works, list of the work to be done is endless and many more stressful situations can affect sleep pattern. It’s important to recharge your own energy. 8-10 hours of sleep can rejuvenate your body and restores body health.

Listen To Your Emotions

Being distressed, unhappy and tired or feeling uncomfortable are the sign if you are burying your emotions deep inside you. Your body, mind and heart always tell something and we should recognize it. If you are not doing that, it might be reason behind your anxiety. Talk to your friends, loved once. We should do what we love and we should love what we do- write poem, stories, listen to music.

Healthy Diet

How to stay fit doesn’t include only physical activities. It includes diet too. No matter how many times your stomach tells you to go for fast food and sweets, try hard to stay away from it. Unhealthy additions to the body can affect our body internally. Stick to the protein infused food- fruits and green vegetables, tofu, seafood, poultry. These food items can fill protein gap which might you have and keep your muscles fit. Processed & Artificial sweetener contain food should be strictly avoided.

Eat Breakfast Daily

Start your day with healthy breakfast. It sets you up for physical and mental performance. It helps to maintain stable blood sugar levels and healthy weight. There are number of breakfast dishes which contain Vitamins and minerals or else try your hand at kitchen and make interesting breakfast recipes according to your choice.


Get out from bed for exercise is one of the toughest jobs to do. Even if you go for a walk few times for a week this can make a great impact on your health. Cardiovascular exercise strengthens the muscle. When you stretch your body it reduce risk of injury, it increase flexibility of your body. Best way to improve blood circulation.

Water is Important

We have studied that our body is made mostly of water and our body needs proper hydration. Water provides hydration. Drink 16 glasses of water daily. It is also known as natural cleanser which helps: our organ and digestive system to be on track. Water helps to flush toxins through skin and urine.

Smoking & Drinking

Nowadays we can see mostly adolescence that follows most common lifestyle habit-Smoking and Drinking. These are harmful substances and it can bring mental and emotional issues. You should keep this in quit category. You are not going to be healthy by following these habits.

Meditation & Yoga

To improve concentration level meditation is the ultimate solution for it. It’s a key for healthy mind. Being physically fit is great but being mentally fit too is great. Our brain starts to think in positive way. Yoga- We can established strong bond with nature by Yoga. It makes you feel stress free and calm. Depression will never come to you if you are doing yoga on daily basis.


Healthy mind can achieve positivity and wisdom. Avoid bad habits; it’s ruining your health. Today’s world is all about health and fitness so by making the best combination of diet and exercise you will feel on top of the world. Stay and enjoy Fit and healthy life!

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