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How To Take Care Of Hair Fall in Monsoon Season?

How to take care of hair fall in monsoon? This is most common question asked by  men and women. Because of pollution and rain water, water becomes acidic and it affects our hair which results monsoon hair fall. Another reason of hair fall is high humidity. Humidity is nothing but air. Before going through the hair health tips understand the reason behind your hair fall.

Stages of Hair Growth Cycle

There are 4 stages of hair growth cycle

Anagen:- It is defined as an active phase of hair (Growth of cells which is present in hair root). In this phase hair start growing by pushing non-growing hair. This process takes place for 28 days & hair grows day by day.

Catagen:- This is an intermediate phase. The rate of hair growth slows down & hair follicle diminished. This process lasts for 2-3 weeks.

Telogen:- This phase is also known as resting phase for hair follicle until and unless it is pushed out by new hair. This phase takes places around for 100 days.

Exogen:- After telogen phase exogen phase takes place. Old hair strand release from their hair follicle and fall out and the whole hair growth process starts again.

This phase might look crucial but go through the four hair care tips because little bit pampering can minimize the rate of hair fall.

Let’s have a look of hair care tips for men and women.

Scalp:- Having healthy scalp involves, clear & irritation free scalp. Keep scalp moisturized and exfoliate for better hair growth. You can use natural ingredients to massage scalp. Example-

  • Tea tree oil-helps to remove all kinds of toxins from the scalp

  • Apple cider vinegar- It will help to exfoliate scalp skin

  • Aloe Vera gel- It keeps hair hydrated and moisturized 

  • Ginseng oil- Strengthen roots of the hair

Diet:- Don’t follow any restricted diet. Several nutrients helps to grow healthy hair. Eat high protein, Vitamins and Minerals contain fruits & vegetables. Example

Spinach– Iron deficiency may also cause hair fall. Iron helps in production of hemoglobin. Including spinach in your diet can improve your hair health.

Types of Berries-Strawberries, Blackberries & Blueberries includes vitamin C and it has anti-oxidant properties.

Nuts & Seeds- Almonds-Rich source of Vitamin E, A, Zinc

Flaxseeds & Pumpkin seeds- Provides calcium & magnesium and it promotes hair growth.

Fish – Rohu, Salmon, Mackerel- These fishes are rich in omega 3 fatty acid which helps to improve density of hair.

Towel:- Easiest hair care tip at home is to take care of towel which you use. Microfiber towel is one of the substantial to use for hair. It saves time and it is the great way to dry your hair. You don’t need to rub your hair and it can lower the risk of hair fall.

Comb:- For any hair type wooden comb is the best to use and it can improve blood circulation. Avoid combing when hair is wet because there are more chances of hair breakouts. Another option is to use detangle brush. It is made up of silicon and help to reduce damage.

Apart from proper diet & hydration regular yoga eases the stress level and improve flexibility of the body. 

There are 3 different yoga poses to cure hair related issues. You just need to make a commitment to yourself for this and start yoga

Adho Mukha Sava Sana  (Downward facing dog pose):- Place your hands and knees on yoga mat and form table top position. Slowly raise hips towards the ceiling with the help of straightening your feet. Slowly move your head inwards and touch your head to the floor. If you are not able to touch the floor then try to bring it closer to the floor. Then try to push the floor forward by using your palms. Try to touch your heels to the floor. If it’s not then keep them stretched towards the floor. When you are done, lift your head in upwards direction. Bring down the lower body and relax. It is one of the pose of Surya namaskar. This pose increases flow of blood and because of it oxygen reaches to scalp which promotes hair growth.

Vajrasana  (Thunderbolt pose) :- Sit on yoga mat with stretching your leg in front of you. Then sit in kneeling position, keep hips on the heels. If you are beginner you can keep pillow/blanket under your feet to avoid ankle pain. Sit comfortably and place your hands on thighs. Make sure your head, neck & spine in straight line. Hold this position for 30 seconds or according to your comfort level. When you are done, exhale and relax. Poor digestion causes thinning of hair. This asana cure digestion related issues & it is beneficial for hair growth, as our body absorb proper nutrients.

Matsyasana (Fish Pose):- This pose helps to reduce anxiety, it lowers the possibility of hair fall. Lie down on your back on the yoga mat. Cross your legs in padmasana position and grab your feet with hands. Take a deep breath exhale and lower the legs towards the floor. With the support of your elbows and arm lift your chest and neck off the floor. Turn the head back and rest your head to the floor The spine should be stretched. Increase the arch of the back. Hold this position for 30-60 seconds. When you are done, take a deep breath, exhale and release the arch & legs.

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