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Misconception About Contraceptive Pills

Sexually active women should use birth control pills. Find out how these pills works. Along with birth control it has other benefits which are very useful for women. Oral contraceptive pills are a modern method of birth control. 

What is Birth Control Pill?

Birth control pills is consist of hormones that help to prevent pregnancy. It comes in pill form. This pill is taken orally by mouth. It is very effective if you take this consistently. it includes in an emergency contraception. Birth control pill prevents egg to come out from ovary. Every month ovaries releases egg which forwards to fallopian tube. If it’s not fertilized by sperm cells then menstrual period starts. This is the phase where unfertilized egg throws out from the body and this process takes place 3-5 days.

Many contraceptives are available in pack for 28 days. It has necessary hormones to prevent pregnancy.

How Contraceptives Work?

Birth control pills work 91% effectively if you take this continuously without fail. We are humans and we can forget sometimes and that’s why 9-10 out of 60-70 women gets pregnant. It helps to keep your hormones level balanced.  There are different kinds of emergency contraception pills available in the market-

Combination pills– It contain progesterone & estrogen which prevents ovulation. Pill thickens the mucus which is around of the cervix and it’s difficult for sperm to get enter through uterus. Hormones which are present in the pill can affects uterus. Because of this eggs are not able to stick to the wall of uterus. If you take combination pill after the first day of period you will have less chances of getting pregnant. You need to take pills for 6-7 days to get protected from pregnancy. You can use another method of birth control i.e. condom.

Progestin included pills-This pill is consist of progestin and this progestin pill is also called minipill. It shows best results in those women who have history of blood clots. Breastfeeding women are also can take this pill.

Benefits of Birth Control Pills

  • It helps to lesser the menstrual cramps
  • It lowers the risk of having colon, ovarian and uterus cancer.
  • You will get acne free skin
  • Growth of unwanted hair can be lower by this pill.
  • Migraines and its symptoms can be vanished
  • Eases your menstrual periods
Side Effects of Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills can cause side effects for few women and sometimes it doesn’t happen with many women. Pills can cause- headache, spotting (brown discharge), and missing periods. If you are getting any side effects then it might go away by 2-3 months. Your body starts changing hormones level which causes side effects. If you are facing some problems after started taking pills you need to talk to your consultant. You can opt for another brand’s pills and you can get rid of side effects.

  • You may experience your breast becomes tender or starts to swells.
  • Frequent mood swings
  • Spotting and bleeding even after having menstrual periods
  • Constant headache
  • Women who suffers from high blood pressure can increase level of side effects

Apart from contraceptive pills, there are other types of birth control methods. As well as we heard lot of information about pills which leads to misconception. Let’s understand the facts about the contraceptive pills.

Birth Control Pills Can Cause Cancer

There is no single evidence till now which gives an idea about connection between pills can cause cancer. There are some birth control options available in the market- ring, IUD, and patch. The above mentioned options helps to reduce the cancer of ovary and uterine.

It Causes Weight Gain

No. Some women might see the slight changes in weight and it is because of ageing. Few women experiences weight gain or loss after using pills. But it reverse back in position when stop taking it. Hence pills do not affect your weight.

Contraceptives Protect Against STI

This pill is good for preventing pregnancy. It’s not for sexually transmitted diseases. Condom is the best option to avoid STI’s as well as it lowers the chances of having pregnancy. Contraceptives and condom will work excellently as a birth control method.

It Develops Risk of Infertility

Contraceptives are only for to prevent ovulation. There is no such study about infertility which is linked to contraceptives.

It Cause Acne

Contraceptives have components of progesterone and it helps to reduce the chances of having acne. Women who are suffering from PCOD can get better result of it.

It Develops Health Complications

After started using contraceptives some women may face health issues including headache, hair fall and unusual bleeding. And it stops within first few months. Rather, pills provide health benefits-

  • It helps to reduce menstrual pain
  • It keeps you away from anaemia
  • Lower the chances of PCOD
  • Ovarian cyst symptoms can be lesser by contraceptives

It Cause Abortion

Contraceptive is the hormonal method to prevent pregnancy and implantation. It doesn’t occur abortion.

It Cause Blood Clot

People with who have history of obesity, cardio vascular diseases and migraines should speak with their health expert before starting contraceptives. They are the people who might have high chances of having blood clots.

This Birth Control Pill is For Young People

These pills are not specifically for young generation. Old people also use this as a birth control method. Ageing can affect the periods which leads to irregular periods and that’s why old people might think that they can’t get pregnant. As far as you are not experiencing menopause there is still chances of conceiving.

It is one of the best and easiest birth control methods. But before going for contraceptive pills you should consult or have a word with gynaecologist. Hormonal birth control method can makes an impact on your body. Go for the facts instead of opinions which we heard from people or read somewhere else. Stay healthy & choose healthy!

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