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Monsoon Perfect Styles for Your Closet

Monsoon perfect styles for your closet can help you to choose clothing material which is good to wear. It’s raining outside and having chai along with crispy pakoras, sitting in the balcony and enjoy the breeze, isn’t it satiating? But there are certain drawbacks which are by products of the monsoon. You get a chance where you can experiment a lot to look trendy. Style yourself in monsoon and get less worried about muddy street and downpour. Before going through monsoon fashion trends , Firstly will look different types of clothing material. 

Fabrics For Monsoon

Chiffon & Nylon

These fabrics give comfort and as being loose and flowy, wearer feels relaxed and calm. But kindly avoid long dresses and gowns as they can get dirty. This fabric does not scruple with wetness.


Outfit which is made of plastic blends and best to wear- Raincoat. Safest way to stay away from getting drenched. Look for attractive tint, you will get so many options.


This material does not over moist. Khadi will make you look polished. Its stains washed off quickly.


For the humid climate cotton is the best material. It is doubtlessly most comfy fabric as well as rayon and cotton blends clothes can also be the good choice in monsoon. This fabric dries off quickly and it helps to soak sweat.


Silk cotton, Crepe and Light silk these are good fabrics. It is available in dazzling colors. It dry quickly and give you classy look.

Say No to Skin Fit Bottom

Avoid wearing fitted clothes as much as possible. This fabric stick to your skin and wearer feels inconvenient and unhygienic. Because of skin fit fabric and sweat there are chances of skin irritation, rashes. Alternatively you can choose right fabric and also try loose fit kurta-pant.

Choose Shorts

Make shorts your best friend in this season-Denim shorts, flat-front shorts. Keep your combination right to look beautiful in shorts. These are the comfiest clothing ever made. It’s easy to carry. Go for printed and floral shorts.

Keep The White Out Of Your Closet

Nobody likes to get dirt stain on white clothes but unfortunately we get it. You can save yourself from this, kindly avoid white color dresses, palazzo, salwar.

Outfit With Bright Colors

While dealing with unending traffics and muddy roads you can still look classy by choosing pastels Red, Blue, Green and Orange and you can brighten up this grey weather. Instead of salwar you can go for short Kurtis and bright color leggings.

Floral Print

Cheer up the sunless weather with bright floral. Kurtis, Tops and Tunics are available In the market with super floral designs.

Wisely choose footwear for monsoon. After blazing heat, the time has come to step out & enjoy the rain. When it comes to footwear in monsoon it should be waterproof.  And also helps us to protect from bacterial and fungal infection which we have in monsoon. You can choose right footwear as you have lot of options to explore to brighten the cloudy monsoon.

Flip flops

These are made of rubber or plastic which repulse water and it keeps your feet dry. Its smooth and waterproof. This is the best option for this season.

Rubber-Soled Sandals

Because of its deep grooves these kind of sandals have good grip. You can just walk confidently in mud and dirt.

Choose Comfortable Sandals

Strap sandal is the great way to walk around and enjoy the rainy season. Adjustable straps are more convenient, which help you to maintain grip.

This season allow you to play with various fabrics which are in trend and which helps you to look fresh. Find your comfort zone and pick awesome combination.

Happy Monsoon!

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