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Pregnancy: Symptoms & Prevention

Pregnancy is a journey where your health and baby’s health is important to monitor. But there are number of symptoms that confirm your pregnancy even before taking a pregnancy test. Pregnancy symptoms may vary as per your hormone level. Here we have provided signs of pregnancy as well as prevention.

Pregnancy Symptoms After Sex

Here are few pregnancy symptoms

Missing Period

Some women noticed they have missed one period and some don’t know they are pregnant until few months. Most probably the reason behind the missing period is hormones imbalance. If you have an irregular period cycle then this happened sometimes.


Some women have light bleeding in the early weeks of pregnancy. This bleeding might be the result of implantation symptoms. It usually occurs after fertilization. Implantation means the fertilized egg gets attached to the lining of the uterus. At this moment bleeding starts and some women mistakenly thought their menses has started.

Hormonal Acne

Your skin might get oily than usual because of hormonal changes. Most women get acne in the initial stage of pregnancy and this acne is temporary.


Pregnancy brings happiness and joyful moments. At the same time, it can be one of the sources of stress. Lots of changes happen during pregnancy and a big change is your body. Stress about the financial condition and stress about gaining weight. Do not overthink, kindly consult your doctor.

Breast Changes

It is the first change and early sign of pregnancy. You might feel your breast is becoming tender and heavy. Areolae become dark in color.

Changes in Cervical Mucus

Cervical mucus is the 3-day pregnant symptom. It changes in color and consistency. You may notice yellowish in color and stickier than before.

Weight Gaining

Gaining weight is also one of the signs which say you are pregnant. In starting period of the second trimester your weight gain becomes more visible.


Hormonal imbalance can affect your digestive system. At the initial stage of pregnancy your body slows down the digestion process and you may face constipation.

Morning Sickness- (Very early signs of pregnancy 1 week)

Your hormones increased at initial stage of pregnancy and that’s why you will have vomiting. It is the most common sign which tells you’re pregnant.


In pregnancy food craving is a common symptom. Sometimes you may notice that slowly you distaste those foods which you liked previously.


It is early pregnancy symptoms. Your body starts to produce more fluids than before. As well as, your fetus creates pressure on your bladder. Pelvic floor muscle helps to keep your bladder close.

Urinary tract infection (UTI)

Bacteria can get inside of urinary tract. During pregnancy, a fetus can put pressure on your bladder and because of this bacteria are trapped which results in infection. Symptoms of UTI include fever, vomiting, lower back pain, pelvic pain, and blood in the urine. You might get a burning sensation. You can resolve this issue by urination. Urinating frequently can help to prevent this infection and specifically before and after sexual intercourse. Always drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. Kindly use mild soaps to wash the genital area. Using antibiotics can be one more way to prevent UTI.

Pregnancy symptoms week by week can be varied. It depends upon the health of the woman i.e. her eating habits, physical health and mental health.

Mood Swings

Few women experience mood swings in pregnancy. Most of the time women irritate easily in this stage. Few women have constant mood- extreme happiness. Pregnancy hormones imbalance the chemicals present in the brain and it results in mood swings. Rarely, women experience depression. If you are feeling down then as early as possible consult your health consultant.


Progesterone hormone helps to increase the capability of the lungs. It makes you pass more oxygen to your baby and you can get rid of carbon dioxide produced by both of you. Your respiration rates become high and sometimes you may feel breathless. After doing exercise, tiredness and increased heart rate can be the reasons behind panting.

Changes During 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Trimester

First Trimester

It is a time period of 1 to 12 weeks. The development of a baby starts rapidly. In this stage brain, spinal cord, and organs start to develop. Most importantly heart also started to beat. During this stage, there are high chances of miscarriage.

Second Trimester

During 2nd trimester you can feel the moves of your baby like kicking and punching. Your baby becomes viable i.e. it can survive outside. If a baby born early, it may have a critical health concern.

Third Trimester

At this stage, you get more tired as you have already put on more weight. The Baby’s bones developed during 3rd trimester. They started to open and close their eyes. You will get swelling on your feet.

Pregnancy Prevention

This option is for those women who don’t want pregnancy or are not interested to become pregnant. There are different kinds of prevention methods. Consult your doctor and ask which will be a safe method according to your health.


Pills for birth control can be a good option for those who are sexually active. Because at the time of ovulation, ovaries release an egg and this pill prevents ovulation. This helps to prevent sperm from reaching the uterus. Talk to your doctor if you get these questions- Which birth control pill is good for me? Or what if I forget to take a pill?


Condoms are the most popular birth control method. Male and female condoms can use during sexual intercourse and it prevents semen to enter the vagina. It is affordable and easy to use. It is inexpensive and easily available in the pharmacy store.

Taking rest is most important in pregnancy but it should be sufficient. Signs and symptoms may vary as we all know; we all are different. Keep a record of your symptoms as well as health conditions and take help from your health consultant or midwife whenever you want.

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