top 10 vitamins for women health

Top 10 Vitamins for Women Health

 Vitamins to look fabulous and stay healthy- this statement can makes women happy. What will be your reaction when someone says – You are getting fine lines or skin is looking dull. Most of the women will try cosmetics, creams and moisturizer but we can’t stop ageing. Right? But we can start to have healthy diet which includes best vitamin for women. So here are the important 10 vitamins which help women to look young inside and out.

What is Calcium?

Calcium is important mineral especially for bones and that’s why it called “Bone Builder”.  It founds in milk and dairy products. After certain age our bones strength weakens and that’s why we need to increases calcium intake.

Why Calcium?

Bones and teeth are made up of calcium. Women have greater chances of osteoporosis than men. Because of body changes, women should take calcium on prior basis. It is important to maintain bone mass and bone strength as it’s helpful for lifelong health of bones.  

Who needs?

Teenage girls- Hormonal changes and menstrual cycle, these are the peak stages where teenage girls need calcium as periods lower the calcium level. 

Women, whose age is above 30. In this age women generally lose bone mass. In menopausal and postmenopausal women’s body starts to create lower level of estrogen which results bone loss.

Calcium rich food

Seeds are known as nutritional power houses. Chia seeds, poppy seeds, sesames Seeds also contain fats and protein. Green leafy vegetables are incredibly high in calcium. Whey protein is found in milk and it contains amino acid which is easy to digest.

What is Omega 3 fatty acid (Fish Oil)?

Salmon, Tuna and Mackerel are the richest source of omega 3 which contain EPA (ecosapentaenoic acid) & DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). Our body does not produce these fats. Most of the people do not include fish in their diet until and unless there is any special occasion.

Why Omega 3 fatty acid?

Omega 3 plays an important role in heart related concerns. If you want to avoid heart diseases and to keep heart healthy include omega 3 contain foods into daily diet. It also helpful for those women who have joint issues.

Who needs?

Women who do not prefer fish once a week. Women whose are suffering cardiovascular diseases. Pregnant women- Important for the development of baby’s brain. Obese women- Joint pain is main concern.

Omega 3 fatty acid rich food

Mackerel and Salmon are the richest source of omega 3 fatty acid. As well as flax seeds and chia seeds are also contain good fatty acid.

What is Folic Acid? (Folate)

It is a water soluble vitamin. Our body does not produce folate and through diet and supplements we must intake folate. It is present in green leafy vegetables e.g- Spinach, avocado, eggs and citrus fruits.

Why Folate?

During pregnancy folate is important because it prevents any abnormalities in fetus. It also controls the risk of heart diseases.

Who needs?

All women should consume supplements of folic acid or folate. It helps in the process of fetal development.

Folate (folic acid) rich food

Kidney beans contain folic acid and it controls the blood cholesterol level.  Add leafy vegetables, beetroot, and peas in lunch because these are the high source of folate.

What is Vitamin B?

These are the water soluble nutrients-Niacin (B3), Riboflavin (B2), Pantothenic acid (B5), Thiamine (B1), Pyridoxin (B6), Cobalamin (B12) and biotin which found in fruits and vegetable.

Why B vitamin?

It is important for good eye sight and in the development of the brain. It boosts energy levels. It is helpful in the production of cholesterol and hormones.

 Who needs?

Pregnant and breastfeeding women needs vitamin B. In the process of fetal development vitamin b plays an important role.

Vitamin B rich food

Chicken, eggs, spinach are the great examples of vitamin b rich food. Milk is known as the richest source of calcium but it also has vitamin b. Yoghurt contained riboflavin and B12.

What is Vitamin D?

Our body creates vitamin d which is fat soluble vitamin when our body exposed to sun. To get rid of bones disorders and bone fractures vitamin d is very essential. You can also get it through supplements, fruits and vegetables.

Why vitamin D?

To prevent certain diseases, loss of bone and bone mass. As we see women have low vitamin d level in their body. It helps to reduce depression as well as heart diseases.

Who needs?

In pregnant ladies there are might chances of having gestational diabetes if they have low vitamin d in their body. Women suffering from heart diseases. Women struggling for skin infections Mood swings are the most seen symptom in girls and women. They should add up vitamin d in their daily diet.

Vitamin D rich food

Egg yolks-It is nutritious as well as good source of vitamin d. Mushrooms are the good source as it contain D3 vitamin. Orange juice contains vitamin d and other nutrients too. Cereals and oatmeal can boost vitamin d level.

What is Lutein?                 

It is fat soluble vitamin called carotenoids. Related to vitamin a. Carotenoids found in the human eyes retina.

Why Lutein?

Lutein is one of the antioxidant which is helpful for the human eye. It protect against eye diseases-cataract. It also found in breast tissues as well as skin tissues to protect from sun damage.

Who needs?

If women have family history of eye related diseases. Women who are working in sunlight or being in polluted area.

Lutein rich food

Red grapes contain antioxidant and keeps your eyes health and cardiovascular system good. Yellow corn is a good source of carotenoids lutein and it protect lens which leads to eye diseases-cataract. Basil leaves are good for vision degeneration.

What is Coenzyme Q10?

It is a fat soluble nutrient which our body creates and it founds in meats. But at some point our body decreases the production of CQ10.

Why CQ10?

It helps to remove or lesser the amount of oxidative damage of the body. Basically CQ10 is present in every cell of the body. It might help in heart related diseases. Most of the women face infertility problem because of the ageing. CQ10 helps to maintain the egg quality in women.

Who needs?

Women who are heart or cancer patient but before that kindly consult your physician first. Women who prefer vegetarian or vegan food should take CQ10 supplements because rich sources of it are meant and fish. Still, soya bean is a good source of CQ10. It might helpful for women who are suffering from Parkinson and Alzheimer.

CQ10 rich food

Broccoli- it contains high amount of CQ10 and vitamin c. It decreases the chances of heart diseases and cancer. Peanuts- another source of CQ10 and it also strengthen the bones.

Fatty Fish- Naturally contains CQ10 and it promotes brainpower.

What is vitamin E?

It is a fat soluble vitamin. It founds in green leafy vegetables and nuts. For healthy and glowing skin vitamin e is very important.

Why Vitamin E?

This nutrient act as an antioxidant in the body. It’s found in liver and fatty tissue. Free radicals damage our healthy cells but Vitamin e helps to reduce the oxidative stress. It may help to cure symptoms of osteoarthritis.

Who needs?

Women having skin challenges- Rashes, Itching and Dryness. It is helpful for the people who have less immune power. Study shows that it shows great results in Alzheimer.

Vitamin E rich food

Sunflower seeds are the best snack to have. Almond known as the richest source of vitamin e. Your skin will start glowing when you start including vitamin e in your diet. Have almond milk in snack time. Avocado is full of nutrients and contains less amount of sugar. You can add this fruit in salad or meal.

What is Vitamin C?

It is a water soluble vitamin and our body cannot produce. It found in many citrus fruits and vegetables.

Why Vitamin C?

It helps our body to absorb iron. Vitamin c includes very important antioxidant properties. It has ability to prevent chronic diseases.

Who needs?

Pregnant and breast feeding women need extra vitamin c. There are few women who smoke. May be because of stress or it may be their habit. Those women need more vitamin c as their lungs has already high amount of oxidative stress. Women who have done surgery it helps them to recover fast. Iron deficiency is most common problem in girls and women. They can opt for citrus fruits and vitamin c included vegetables.

Vitamin C rich food

Broccoli, Citrus fruits and oranges, Green, Red and Yellow bell peppers, Strawberries

What is Vitamin K?

It is helpful vitamin in blood clotting. It also prevents excessive bleeding. K1 and K2 are types of vitamin k. K1 mostly found in green leafy vegetables and other vegetables. K2 found in meats, eggs and cheese.

Why Vitamin K?

It helps to maintain strong bones and also prevent risk of bone fractures. Blood pressure can be lower by vitamin K.

Who needs?

It is very useful in breast cancer. People who are having osteoporosis Helpful for women who have stretch marks Skin rashes and pigmentation can be cure by vitamin k

Women need to understand that their body needs nutrition at every stage of life. Basic nutrition and multivitamin for women can help you get better health. Talk to your consultant and follow their instructions

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