5 things to do during pregnancy

Top 5 Things To Do During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most important stage of women’s life. Be happy and joyful as much as you can because as per the studies- There are more chances of deliver a healthy baby if the women is happy. Before looking at the activities for pregnant women lets understand the basic information about pregnancy.

Main pregnancy hormones are estrogen and progesterone. During pregnancy,  women produces more estrogen and it results in formation of blood vessels and it plays important role for developing a baby.

What is Estrogen?

It is known as female hormone. It helps set up sexual development and progesterone is another hormone which regulates a women’s menstrual cycle, affects her entire reproductive system. Here are some activities that important for your health and for baby’s health too. It is good time to enjoy the privilege of being mom. 

Prenatal Vitamins

It is designed multivitamin and it’s benefited for women when they are trying to conceive pregnancy and while breastfeeding. The contents present in multivitamin are the key nutrients which give best results. Body needs more iron, vitamin A,B,C,D, zinc, calcium, omega 3 fatty acid, Iodine.

Sufficient Rest

Mom to be needs to remember that they should take rest whenever they can. During pregnancy certain changes occurs, change in sleep pattern, sore breast, headache, back pain  and snoring anxiety. Plan sleep schedule take power naps during day.

Skincare Products

Day by day as your baby bump increases in size, at the same time you will have some itching because your skin starts expanding. It becomes highly dry. Yes it’s quite annoying. According to your choice you can apply herbal, organic or ayurvedic body butter and body lotion. It helps to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated. It is common problem for many moms and it tends to appear during 5th or 6th month of pregnancy.

Read Books

Happiness comes along with pregnancy. Carrying a life inside you and eagerness of creating a bond between mother and baby is just incomparable. Research says that when you read to your baby they can absorb languages during 2nd month of pregnancy. Read 10-15 min once or twice a day. Reading can keep you stress free.

Exercise- Exercise plays an important role during pregnancy it is benefited for you and your body.

  • Exercise can lower chances of constipation.
  • Helps for better sleep.
  • Proper blood circulation.
  • It also reduce the pregnancy complications such as gestational diabetes.

Here are some basic exercises which you can do as per your choice


It is the great exercise and good for joints and muscles. It also helps blood circulation.


Try swimming if you have lower back pain and this activity also keep your heart rate up.

Prenatal Yoga

It encourages flexibility, relaxation and focus; these are the main things for giving birth. Inform your yoga instructor to modify yoga poses for you. (Avoid deep backbends & sleeping on your belly)

Aerobic Classes

Eventually your abdomen starts expanding you should take care while doing any activities that require careful balance. Avoid jumping and never exercise to the point of exhaustion.

Foods To Eat During Pregnancy

Pregnant women should follow nutritious and balanced diet which provides enough nutrients and energy for the development of baby.
All nutrients are important but there are some nutrients known as key factors- Folic acid, Calcium, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Omega 3 fatty acid, Iodine, Iron.

Eggs:- Eggs contain choline which is important vital nutrient during pregnancy. It’s important for baby’s brain development. Also eggs are rich in high quality protein, fat and many vitamins and minerals.

Berries-These are the power house of vitamin C, fiber and healthy carbs. This would be the best option for snacks because it contains low calories.

Dried Fruits:- Dried fruits contain calories as well as fiber, vitamin & minerals.

Fruits & Vegetables- Eat plenty of fruits & vegetables. It contains vitamins & minerals as well as fiber- helps in digestion & prevents constipation.

Dairy products- Cheese, Milk, Yoghurt these dairy products are important as they contain calcium & other nutrients that your baby needs.

Healthy Snacks- If you are hungry don’t eat those snacks which are high in sugar, salt and fat. Such as chocolates, sweets and biscuits.

Vegetables salad (cucumber, carrots), Beans soup, Fresh fruits, Low fat yoghurt, Breakfast cereals

Apart from all the discomfort and worries you will enjoy your pregnancy. Give a way for physical activities and diet.

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